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Downtown's 'Tay Ho Restaurant & Bar' Is

'As Authentic As We Can Be'
344 12th St., Oakland, CA

When it comes to serving Vietnamese cuisine, "we try to be as authentic as we can be," said Denise Huynh, owner of Downtown's Tay Ho Restaurant & Bar.
In addition to standbys like phở and noodle and rice bowls, house specialities include banh cuon, a savory rice noodle stuffed with ground pork and mushroom. Rolled by hand fresh daily, they usually run out long before closing time.

Tay Ho's menu is rounded out by a full bar that offers a lineup of traditional and house cocktails infused with Asian flavors, along with beer, wine and Vietnamese-style hot and iced coffees.

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Oakland has many Vietnamese restaurants, but none like Tay Ho.

For starters, the chic Chinatown restaurant is a mom-and-daughter affair: “The menu really reflects what we eat at home and what I ate growing up,” says owner Denise Huynh. Mama Ho (aka Chef Anna)

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Tay Ho Is a Vietnamese Treasure in Oakland Chinatown 
With cocktails, a fresh aesthetic, and a focus on unusual regional dishes, the family-run restaurant stands out from the pack.

By Janelle Bitker

Let's set the record straight: Tay Ho is not the same as Banh Cuon Tay Ho. This is understandably confusing. The Oakland Chinatown restaurant Tay Ho was once a location of Banh Cuon Tay Ho, the California Vietnamese restaurant chain. But in 2010, Denise Huynh bought the restaurant from her aunt and started doing things her way. Oakland's Banh Cuon Tay Ho had a decent customer base though, which Huynh didn't want to lose, so she only changed the name slightly, removing the words "Banh Cuon" but keeping the signature dish on the menu. 
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There's no place like Oakland with

Bravo Top Chef Tu David Phu

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Tay Ho has a full bar and is verging on hipster - a bike hangs from the ceiling - yet it is still the type of place that people bring their grandma...

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