CHILI “D”                                                                   
vodka/passion fruit/lemon/basil/jalapeño/calamansi

HANOI HIPSTER                                                        
house infused pho spices bourbon/dolin rouge/bitters

DA-NANG SLING                                                        
gin/lychee/cucumber/elderflower liqueur/lemon/house seasonal syrup

BLACK DRAGON                                                  
black dragon chili infused tequila/house shrub/dolin blanc

LADY FINGER                                                       
spiced rum/antica formula/43 liqueur/banana liqueur/cinnamon syrup

NGUYEN DYNASTY WARRIOR                                    
whiskey/benedictine/mezcal/peychaud's bitters

scotch/ginger liqueur/lychee

MAI TAI ALL THE TIME (Oakland original)           
rum /curaçao/orgeat(almond)/lime juice, syrup; served on the rocks


bourbon, condensed milk, tay ho blend drip, mint leaves



Loose Leaf Tea - Single Serving Pot               5

Oolong Tea

Green Tea

Dragon Pearl Green Tea

Chrysanthemum (Caffeine-free)



Henriot Brut Souverain, Champagne (France) 375mL
28.  bottle only

Taittinger La Française Brut, (France) 375 mL
22.  bottle only

Canella Valdobbiadene Prosecco, (Spain) 375 mL

8. bottle only


Kris `16 Pinot Gris (Delle Venezie, Italy)

34. bottle         9. glass           

FAT Bastard `14 Sauvignon Blanc (France)
38. bottle        10. glass       

Cannonball `17 Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma)
34. bottle         9. glass        

Dashe ‘15       Dry Riesling (Mendocino County)*
45. bottle        12. glass       

Domaine des Vercheres `17 Chardonnay (France)
38. bottle        10. glass

Raymond `14             Chardonnay (Napa County)
38. bottle        10. glass

Dom. William Fevre `16 Chablis  (France)

40. bottle only

V. Sattui `16  Off-dry Riesling  (Napa)

40. bottle only

Louis Martini Moscato Amabile (Napa County)
40. bottle only           (Dessert Wine)    *Staff pick

 *Local Wines

Firesteed `14 Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
34. bottle         9. glass                 

Hahn `14 Pinot Noir (Monterey County)
40. bottle         11. glass        

(try this with our beef carpaccio)

Angels <(>&<)> & Cowboys  `16 Proprietary Blend (Sonoma)
45. bottle        12. glass           

Achaval Ferrer `17  Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)

45. bottle        12. glass

Hacienda de Arinzano `17 Tempranillo Rose' (Spain)

45. bottle        12. glass

V. Sattui `16  Gamay Rouge (Napa)

40. bottle only               *Award winning wine

Dashe `16 Zinfandel Les E'nfant Terribles (Mendocino)
40. bottle only

Reds & Rose'

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